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Vadim Ciobanu
Send SMS and verify phone numbers using SMS.to
Refined Commerce
Increase sales with real-time, driven integration with your Shopify store.
Easily manage chatbot content from Google Sheets and generate responses for Messenger and Instagram.
It has never been easier to get home value estimates than with this easy to use flowbuilder action.
AMZ Toolkit
If you're selling on Amazon, ranking keywords, or doing affiliate marketing, you need this.
Addictive, we agree. But isn't that what drives engagement with your subscribers?
Nothing is more fun than playing small games and get something in return instantly.
Multi-Item Select for ManyChat allows your subscribers to select multiple items and then save the values to individual custom fields.
If you can write a single sentence, you can create Webviews with this easy to understand Action.
Increase your revenue by adding this simple, time based and unique coupons feature.
This App will enable your subscribers to sign-up for your webinars very easy, all from within messenger.
An easy way to offer your subscribers the ability to view and delete the data you have about them in your chatbot/ManyChat account.
Put in the URL to our image and we will create a text overlay on it. Perfect for personal invitations, prize winners, coupons and lot of other cool cases.
An advanced set of tools designed specifically to upgrade your ManyChat chatbot. Create bots that will give killer results and higher conversions with complete ease.
Use this action to generate a QR code anywhere in your flow, with any contents. A URL, text or whatever you want your QR to contain.
This action enables you to send messages in ManyChat with one of the biggest SMS platforms in the World: MessageBird.
Send custom push notifications to users or groups. Adds custom sounds, repeating alarms, silent pushes etc. to better notify admins or clients.
Send your subscribers' name, email and phone number to your MailerLite Account so you can start a drip campaign there (if you want).
Use our bridge to connect your own Twilio account and increase the power of your bot sending SMS, MMS and even making simple phone calls to all the available countries on Twilio.
Send information like Events, Appointments, Deadlines or anything else from ManyChat to iCal, Outlook or Google Calendar with one simple flowbuilder action.
Save funds by segmenting your users based on TAGS in MailChimp. Easily send any Tag you desire with your campaigns, by setting a comma seperated list, or use custom fields. You can also unsubscribe, re-subscribe or delete users in MailChimp.
Get your ManyChat subscriber info into your GetResponse account with this simple action.
Getting the correct phone number from people might be a challenge. People type in various formats and often forget their country code. This App will check the number, reformat numbers and suggests edits. All based on the country the number is most likely listed in.
Use our bridge to connect your PayU account and create direct payment buttons on your bot, to reduce friction points and increase sales in all available PayU countries.
Chatby Agency
Send fully personalized notifications to Telegram groups and receive immediate alerts every time a user interacts or stops interacting on Messenger.
Small Talk is a ManyChat App based on DialogFlow and it is used to provide responses to casual conversation.
Nowadays Messenger is overcrowded with ordinary bots. If want to stand out of the crowd and take your personalization to the next level using our dynamic images for immersive engagement of your customers!
We are not trying to reinvent a bicycle but just digitalise some usual things from our "real life". So everybody in love with a game and surprises. Now you can give such an experience to your customers bringing Scratch Cards in a fun and guessing way.
Distribute unique coupon, voucher or activation codes to your subscribers. You can set a limit to one code per person and the daily amount of codes you want to give away.
Chatby Agency
You will have access to the most important data about your company, such as your customer information, the way they are taking in your content, the much more.
With the new Estated Property Valuation App you can get high. low, average property valuation, as well as Property size in ft² and designated use.
URLgenius lets you create a link that can open an app from any marketing channel including ManyChat workflows.
Janis.ai Inc
Use AI to understand the messages users send and respond with the right Manychat flows.
Decode your car's VIN and get data like make, model, year, transmission, and trim.
Simply enter detailed information about yourself and/or your company and the vCard will be generated with great detail.
The Walletly enterprise-grade loyalty programs, which enable businesses to create and manage custom loyalty programs.
The salesforce App will allow you to send your leads straight from ManyChat into your salesforce leads tab. Your team can start following up on your leads immediately from the company's CRM.
The dream you had since day 1 of using ManyChat, finally comes true.
Whether you are an agency who has to demonstrate the impact of your actions and prove your worth to your clients or a local business, an e-com shop or an online coach who need to precisely measure the ROI on each $ you spend on marketing and advertising and build predictive profits dashboards.
DataQuantics is Databox Premier Partner
Convomat's official ManyChat App. Integrate your Convomat account with ManyChat and add sophisticated automation to your ManyChat flows.
Chatby Tools
Powerful and advanced tools to minimize processes in your Bots.
GHL Connect
GHL Connect is the simplest way to integrate your ManyChat Messenger Marketing into HighLevel, the most powerful CRM on the market.
Feebi | Restaurant Chatbot
Spend Less Time Messaging and More Time Serving Feebi answers all of your restaurant's online inquiries, so you don't have to. No matter what you're doing, Feebi will respond to every question your customers may have - from dietary requirements, to if you have free wi-fi.
Panda checkout
Panda checkout will help you build dynamic & seamless checkout experience in your chatbot and set up one click upsell right in your chatbot.
Save DateTime functions to Custom fields, Format Dates and Calculate Time Differences
Create a Unique, Single Use Template Link
This is a Go High Level App. You will be able to add contacts and much more to your Go High Level account.
Add analytical data to your favorite Databox dashboards with this easy App.
Get Webinar details and Register Attendees from inside your ManyChat conversations
Gyula Palfi
Referrals and messaging are the most effective tools in the business.

Let's combine them. GoAffPro (an affiliate management) and the ManyChat give you an awesome Messenger and Instagram automatization opportunity. You can manage your affiliate business in the ManyChat messages too.
Easy Appointment Setting with Calendly
This toolbox will give a variety of number related tools, such as: getting the min value of a range, getting the max value of a range, getting the average value of a range, calculate compound numbers and more to come

Save time and ensure your clients get the products that are right for them with ShopSync!
Looking to make your webinars even more engaging?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of your website visitors could register for Webinars from within their chatbox on your site in just two clicks?
Jonathan Búcaro
Use Rebrandly Custom Domains to dynamically rebrand your links. This app is a bridge for ManyChat that lets you Create, Update, Delete and Search rebranded links by directly consuming Rebrandly API. Preferably you must own at least one active domain configured in Rebrandly.
Automate your website, funnel, e-commerce store, email and automations to enable an effortless communication and growth platform. With Facebook Messenger, Instagram and What's app.
Align Systems
Red Bucket provides a permanent and fast storage area for your files. If you upload images, they are also optimized for fast delivery.
Never get a URL signature expired error again!
Send Abandoned Cart Reminders to your web visitors.
Send WooCommerce products from your flows and ads.
Remarket opened and related products to get maximum from free 24-hour window.
Jonathan Búcaro
With Monet you will be able to get the Profile Picture URL of the current user from the ManyChat API.
The Bot Girl
Love your HighLevel CRM, but tired of having to add and update contact details manually every time a user interacts with your bot in ManyChat? With GHL-X, you can now have your two favorite marketing platforms talk to each other without needing any external 3rd party integrations.
Dialogflow ES Made Easy - No hosting required.
Setup your Manychat flows with your Dialogflow agent in just a few minutes. Utilize the power of intent recognition and save your entities to custom user fields without a single line of code!
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