Business cases
The dream you had since day 1 of using ManyChat, finally comes true.
Whether you are an agency who has to demonstrate the impact of your actions and prove your worth to your clients or a local business, an e-com shop or an online coach who need to precisely measure the ROI on each $ you spend on marketing and advertising and build predictive profits dashboards.
DataQuantics is Databox Premier Partner
  • Make Smarter Marketing Decisions With Data Based Intelligent Reporting
  • Combine data from ManyChat, Shopify, Facebook ads, Instagram, Google Ads, Google Analytics, and many more
  • Say goodbye to the tedious and frustrating number crunching
  • Access your reporting dashboards across all devices
  • Track metrics from multiple sources in one dashboard. Easily draw a correlation, identify trends, and make adjustments in real-time. All things that would take you hours or days to do without DataQuantics
  • Create deeper customer connections with the power of insights
  • Become more profitable, efficient, and engaging. With our one-click integrations, you can automate the tedious data gathering and spend time on what really matters: Increasing results and profits
  • Increase ROI with predictive profit engineering
About DataQuantics
How to set up the app
  1. Login into your ManyChat Account
  2. In the app settings, enter the DataQuantics details received via email
  3. Create an action block or a rule to report your data
Application reviewed by ManyChat
Before publishing app, ManyChat Review Team makes sure that:

  1. The app can be installed via installation link
  2. App settings capture enough information to make the app work
  3. All app actions are accessible inside flow builder
  4. App actions work in accordance with their title and description
  5. The app doesn't capture unnecessary data
  6. All external sources that impact the app's actions performance are configured properly
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