Business cases
GHL Connect is an all-in-one toolbox for integrating all the ManyChat channels - Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp - into HighLevel, the premier agency CRM on the market.
Using simple Flowbuilder actions, you can easily create contacts in HighLevel, add and remove tags, add and remove users from campaigns, and create opportunities in HighLevel pipelines
  • Perfect for Agencies that use Messenger and Instagram for marketing and HighLevel for a CRM
  • Works for all niches - restaurants, spas, cryotherapy, coaches, e-commerce and more
  • Reduces cost by eliminating Zapier and allowing HigLevel to manage SMS and email campaigns
  • Ideal for agencies that want to track opportunities and ROI for conversions in HighLevel
  • This app has a subscription-based charge
  • Trial period is available
  • Contact developer to know more.
How to set up the app
PDF Installation Guide and Free Templates:

Link to the template
About Braintrust Interactive
Application reviewed by ManyChat
Before publishing app, ManyChat Review Team makes sure that:

  1. The app can be installed via installation link
  2. App settings capture enough information to make the app work
  3. All app actions are accessible inside flow builder
  4. App actions work in accordance with their title and description
  5. The app doesn't capture unnecessary data
  6. All external sources that impact the app's actions performance are configured properly
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