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An advanced set of tools designed specifically to upgrade your ManyChat chatbot. Create bots that will give killer results and higher conversions with complete ease. These unique tools can't be found anywhere else. Spend more time on marketing, and less time on development.To learn more about this amazing set of tools, go to the Business Cases tab
BotTools is a set of tools you can use for your chatbot. Not only do they make creating your bot easier, but they also give killer results for your clients. From this one App you can access all of the following BotTools tools.

  • Add To Field - Save multiple CUF, to one single CUF, with any symbol to separate the values from each other inside the CUF array.

  • Clear Bot Field - Wipe bot field data

  • Code Generator - Generate random codes with numbers, letters and symbols. For use for coupon codes, passwords, ID numbers and more.

  • Date Difference - Work out the amount of time between 2 date and time CUF's.

  • Date Formatting - Change how you show you the date and time to your users in your Manychat bot.

  • Date Manipulation - Add or subtract time from a date and time CUF in your Manychat bot.

  • Device Detection - With one click learn the device, browser and operating system of each user, in order to redirect the user to a specific flow.

  • Field Counting - Exactly count the number of words/characters in a response, for use with passwords and more.

  • Field Filter - The capability to remove characters from a CUF, for example to take away a currency symbol when all you wish to utilise is the numbers.

  • Field To Audio - Let your customers send you audio, and have your bot send it back to them as an image, rather than just a link.

  • Field To File - Let your customers send you a file, and have your bot send it back to them as an image, rather than just a link.

  • Field To Tag - Create a tag from a user field value, given to your bot from a user.

  • Field To Video - Let your customers send you a video, and have your bot send it back to them as an image, rather than just a link.

  • Phone Corrector - With one click of a button automatically corrects a phone number given, to add the country code.

  • QR Codes - Generate unique QR codes, display them as an image within the bot, and allow users to set the value of QR codes.

  • Random Number - Enable your chat bot to choose a random to give to your customer.

  • Round Number - Enable your chat bot to round up or down any number.

  • RSS Feed - Generate an RSS feed within your chat bot, and filter based on words which stories are populated.

  • Split Field - Break down user field values, using a symbol. So users can give one answer that will then be split into separate fields.

  • Update Subscriber - Update custom user fields and subscriber user fields

How to set up the app
About BotTools
Application reviewed by ManyChat
Before publishing app, ManyChat Review Team makes sure that:

  1. The app can be installed via installation link
  2. App settings capture enough information to make the app work
  3. All app actions are accessible inside flow builder
  4. App actions work in accordance with their title and description
  5. The app doesn't capture unnecessary data
  6. All external sources that impact the app's actions performance are configured properly
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